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Water Treatment
Filtration Systems
Pre-Filtrations units are used to treat taste, smell and colour, to filter chlorine and chlorine compounds, THM's, all organic substances, sediments, bacteria etc. in water.
Water Softener Systems
Water softening process is depending on ion-exchange method. The water to be treated passes through a bed of usually Na for cationic resin.
Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems
Microorganisms in the water are exposed to ultraviolet ray at 254 nm wavelenght to ruin their DNA and/or RNA structures made them harmless.
Ultrafiltration Systems
Ultrafiltration moduls perform barrier task against to bacterias, viruses and other microorganisms with it's 0,01 micron pore diameter membrane structure.
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse osmosis systems, with the most general definition, is removal process of the ions by an advanced filtration method which the highest technologies are used as a water treatment system.
Containerized Reverse Osmosis Systems
Systems that are manufactured for plants which has shortage of place or mobile operating units which are designed inside a container.
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse osmosis systems are used to obtain drinking water or process water from brakish water or sea water.
River Water Treatment Systems ( Clarifier )
This system used for surface water treatment systems.
Demineralization - Dealkalization Systems
Demineralization used for removing the minerals from water, dealkalization used for removing the carbonate and bicarbonete from water.
Ultra Pure Water (Mixed Bed and EDI)
Mixed Bed and Electrodeionization is used to obtain ultra-pure water.
Degassing Systems
It is used for removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases out of water resources.
Chemical Dosing Systems
Chemical dosing units are being used in many industrial applications (drinking and process water treatment systems, food industry, cosmetic industry, heating and cooling systems, chemical industry, leather industry etc.) by dosing many different chemicals.
Genesys Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Antiscalants, membrane protect chemicals, cartridge filter, minerals etc. consumables and spare parts.
Waste Water Treatment
Biological Waste Water Treatment Systems
It can be used at regions where main sewer line does not exist, especially holiday villages, apartment blocks, hotels, factories, construction sites, hospitals etc.
Industrial Waste Water Treatment Units
It can use one of the physical, chemical & biological treatment technologies or all of them depending on the wastewater source.
Project and Commitment

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