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Ultra Pure Water (Mixed Bed and EDI)

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Mixed-Bed Ion-Exchange :

Unity where both resin are found together, means both anionic and cationic ions are removed, called mixed bed. Raw water passing from ion exchanger, change cationic charge with H+ ion, however change anionic charges with OH ion fixed to anion changer resin. OH- and H+ ions given to water as a result of ion exchanges combine between them saleves and form water molecules. Water that is purified from positive and negative charged ions, have high ratio of purification. Resins that become loaded inside the water reach to saturation level after a while. This means they do not produce water at desired quality.

Electrodeionization (EDI) :

EDI is an advanced water treatment process in which ions are transferred through selective anion and cation membranes from a less concentrated to a more concentrated solution as a result of the passage of direct electric current. Negative ions pass through an anion membrane while positive ions are rejected. Conversely, positive ions pass through a cation membrane while negative ions are rejected.


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